Saturday, June 7, 2008

United NEVER!!

Now is the time for the Democratic party to realize that we are NOT lap dogs. We will not jump because "Hillary says so". We will NOT vote for Obama. We will NOT doom this country to be ran by an inexperienced thug.

Democrats, Independents, Republicans and Undeclareds..All parties. Now is the time to Unite behind John McCain!! The man that IS presidential material, the man with honor, courage to stand for right even if it does not benefit him.

Go John Go!! You HAVE to win. Our country's survival depends on it.

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MainStreetBetsie said...

As America now knows the Iraq war was wrong. It was launched on lies to the America people and young men and women are still being deceived. It’s a fact, you can Google the information. When I saw what we were doing on TV that day in March of 2003, it was like a stranger had for no reason just walked up to me and slapped me. I could not have been more shocked over the actions taking place by our Government, the Bush/Cheney administration.

I think that in times of war the draft must come back and NO ONE IS EXEMPT except for those with mental or physical disabilities.

Two events have convinced me of this.

1-It is not right or fair that only MainStreetUSA is fighting this wrong war or any war. Every USA citizen should be involved in a "just" war (and Iraq is NOT a just war).

Time after time when our soldiers’ time is up they are redeployed back to Iraq. We have all heard the horror stories of how some of them have served 3-4-5 terms there.

2-But this is what convinced me the most. In Michael Moore's movie Fahrenheit 9/11 there are clips where Moore is in Washington, DC and he asked members of Congress if their children were going to enlist and they replied “Are you crazy – not my child”. Don’t believe me – watch the movie.

If McCain wins this election the draft should go into effect immediately as according to him he wants the war to last 100 years or more. And his children, the children of Congress and the children of WallStreet should be the first drafted and the first deployed as over 4,000 of MainStreetUSA have already died. How many of Congress’s children or WallStreet’s children have enlisted and died in this war?

If this war is not good enough for their children why is it good enough for the children of MainStreetUSA?

Thank you for providing this method of sharing my thoughts with you.