Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Uh, Uh, Uh

Barack Obama, the golden-tongued orator, is a totally different person when he cannot read a speech someone wrote for him from a teleprompter. Hot posted a link to a CNN video of Obama making a statement and answering questions. A sharp Hot commenter posted the following about the video:

I watched the whole 11:09. I don’t remember a thing he said. All I heard was uh, uh, uh, uh, and uh.
He talks for 4 minutes. I counted 55 uhs.Then he takes questions.
First answer: 10 uhs
Second answer: 27 uhs
Third answer: 16 uhs
Fourth answer: 7 uhs
Final answer: 29 uhs
144 uhs in 11 minutes. Articulate, Uh-bama!


Michael Schuyler said...

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Fayette Front said...

I can't understand why they talk about Obama as a great speaker. I hear all the hesitations, the uh's and, when I do hear his words, they are nothing but empty platitudes and meaningless phrases.

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Brian Smith said...

Obama is a great speaker not because of rhythm of speech, style, or beauty of language. He is a great speaker because his answers are inspiring and logically laid out. When you hear him in one on one interviews he is generally relaxing, conserving energy for the next major rally. Also, he has an amazing ability to stay focused and on message while being asked pointed questions in impromptu formats.

You can question his ideas. You can question his ideology. You can't really question his discipline of speech and ability to avoid the major pitfalls that tend to swallow up lessor candidates. He does not even seem to get thrown off to any great degree by fatigue.

If you have a difficulty with these ideas you simply need to compare Obama's performance against the likes of Clinton, McCain, Biden, and Palin. Any serious critic would give him an A plus for the abilities he has shown regarding communication.

PS. I can't for the life of me imagine any teachers who would support Palin. Her ability to murder the English language is going to be legendary. The fact that a VP candidate has traditionally played the role of ambassador does not bode well for Biden and especially Palin. I cringe at the thought of her speaking to foreign leaders. It will be a shame that they will have a superior grasp of the rules of common English language over Palin.